Risk advisory

Enterprise Risk Management Services (ERM): (International Solutions) provides services for establishing and operating risk management in government and private facilities in line with the strategic objectives of the enterprise and the vision of stakeholders in determining the level of risk acceptance and the mechanism for reducing its impact.  International Solutions Company ensures that your work is carried out in a safe manner that achieves optimal results for you, as our strategy begins by considering

 The processes and practices that your organization follows from the point of view of risk management, and based on them, the work team –

 After consulting with the company’s professionals – to develop a risk management framework.  The impact that we make on your business will not stop at this point, but we also:

  • Laying foundations for measuring the performance of risk management to improve its level of performance and increase the effectiveness of its services
  • Developing the relevant risk management methodology and identifying the reports to be issued.

 Preparation and comprehensive assessment of risks through holding a meeting with specialists.

  • And then prepare an integrated implementation plan in light of the company’s strategic plan, and in line with the company’s policies and systems.
  • Determining the actual need for cadres and specializations and a plan for developing the capabilities necessary for the administration to carry out its work in the required manner.


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