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    Payment Gateway Integration

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    Payment Gateway Integration

    GCC General, provides a reasonable payment gateway and is a part of an E-Commerce service in Oman. We allow the easiest payment mode for electronic business through which you can make payments at lightning fast speed without any hassles. For your online business with payment gateway incorporated to your site makes it the beneficiary issue and with the help of which you can expand the online transactions.

    Payment Gateway is a remotely host software application. It facilitates merchants to electronically check payments from their customer website by accepting their credit card. Data regarding payment is submitted on a site. Further data is securely transferred to an appropriate bank or an institution, when processed funds are transferred to merchant’s account, which at the end are transferred to his bank account.

    For any E-commerce website to work efficiently need an effective Payment Gateway. Payment Gateways are considered as soul for an Online shopping website. These Gateways are basically an e-commerce service which authorizes you for making or receiving lightning fast and cheap way for online money transactions. It can be imagined as physical POS (point-of-sale) terminal located in almost every retail outlet. Payment Gateway Integration is used to encrypt sensitive information especially, for credit card numbers to establish secure transactions between vendor and its customers.